We exist to tell stories that inspire and motivate.

The range and depth of skills we bring as a husband and wife team have enabled us to provide our clients with the same scope of services as larger agencies. Our size, at the same time, has allowed us to remain highly responsive to client needs.

Meet Ben

Coming from a design and digital media production background, Ben brings a curiosity for the unknown and a penchant for exploration. With a distaste for mediocrity, he pursues new storytelling approaches and filming techniques that push the creative limits of our work. You’ll find him climbing mountains, leaping tall buildings and dangling from car windows with camera in-hand. 

Meet Danielle

With a design and marketing background, Danielle works to develop a deep sense of empathy for our audiences. This skill has proved itself essential in her ability to explore and establish the conceptual themes of each project. Her ability to understand audiences has served her well in her scriptwriting, copywriting and storyboarding. Some would say Danielle’s passion for effective communication borders on "obsessive"; she prefers the word “fervent” instead. 

It’s in the post-production process that these skills come together. Here, we combine “objective” with “art” to shape, mould and refine a story that that seeks to inspire, empower and motivate