This is our second collaboration with Cavalier - a local, Vancouver-based jewelry shoppe featuring hand-crafted custom engagement rings and ethically-sourced gemstones. So, when Cavalier approached us to create a film that communicated who they are and what they do we were excited by yet another opportunity to share their story.

Cavalier sets themselves apart from other retailers by being fully involved in every aspect of the production process: from building personal relationships across the world to find the best product, to working alongside clients to determine a design that suits their specific style. This is so integral to the Cavalier brand, and we believed this was most effectively demonstrated by journeying the film’s viewers through every step involved in the making of a customized, hand-crafted engagement ring. 

So, we started at the beginning. We toured the viewer through the vast spaces of Asian gem mines and weaved them through the chaotic Bangkok markets. We revealed the craftsmanship and artistry employed in the cutting of each stone and demonstrated the scrutiny involved in the selection of each one. Then, we brought the viewer back home to communicate the experience of working alongside an in-house designer whose drawings, 3D models, skills and expertise all culminate in a piece perfectly tailored to its specific owner. 

Cavalier offers something special to a new generation of jewelry consumers, and we are confident that this film pays homage to just that.


Services: Story development, research, location scouting, storyboarding, shot lists, equipment, video production, video editing, video teaser creation, delivery, release support

Beyond the full film, ten video teasers were created for social media sharing and online advertisements. Short chunk able videos allow the viewer to get a good summary of the film before making the investment to watch the full video. I am also in the process of emailing any blogs that are relevant to Cavalier’s target market, wedding blogs, jewelry makers/designers, and more. 

From the technical perspective the images were captured on a hi-quality production camera that produces 4K RAW footage and a drone for all of the aerial images. Photography was also produced for this project and a sample of the set is laid out below. A huge thanks to my partner in crime for this project, the talented Kurtis So. You can scope more of his work at and find his original music on Soundcloud.

Film Teasers


Film Screens & Photography