How far can wool take you? This was the question Cima Coppi, Galen Lofstedt and I debated when laying down the story for this film. Over a few Spanish pinchos and Mahou lagers, Lawrence, one founding member of Cima Coppi, recounted his early days riding his single speed bike from Sweden to Spain wearing a single wool sweater. He also describes taking that same sweater on adventures in Italy where he rode each stage of the Giro at the crack of dawn before the professionals hit the road for the day.

Indirectly, these experiences served as product tests that would lay the foundation upon which Cima Coppi would build its business. This inspired Galen and I to create a film that pays homage to these stories and the garments so integral to them. By touring you through the Spanish landscape, we hope that this video stirs in you a passion for exploration and a greater appreciation for the garment that can make it happen.


Services: Story development, research, equipment, video production, photography, video editing, photography editing, colour correction, sound editing, delivery, release strategy

Creating a film is only the first step to reaching your audience. In addition to story development, research, video production and editing, I created a video release strategy and additional content designed to be easily shared on personal and corporate social networks. This content included 15-second teasers, photography and behind-the-scenes images. The release strategy included posts directing the audience to the film and specific hashtags to promote access to it.

I was fortunate enough to work alongside Galen Lofstedt and Kurtis So for this film. Galen was instrumental during the conceptual and production phases. You can check out more of his work here. I also teamed up with Kurtis So who tightened up the sound mix and composed the music. You can find more of his work here