After a season-ending injury in 2015, two-time olympian Georgia Simmerling traded her skis for a bike. A new player on the track cycling scene, Georgia applied the hard work and dedication she refined throughout her previous training and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. She is now set to make history by being the first Canadian athlete to compete in three different sports in three different Olympic games.

Georgia’s story speaks of resiliency in the face of adversity, and Reid Hemsing, President of Two Wheel Gear, knew it had the power to inspire a nation. As Two Wheel Gear signed on as a proud supporter of Georgia’s 2016 season, we were approached to ensure her story reached the masses.

Through visuals and narration, the films heralds Georgia’s story by communicating her journey. Opening scenes place the viewer on the mountain where Georgia’s Olympic Dream first began. The film cuts to footage of the crash that would signify the start of a new era, and Georgia begins to rebuild. By making parallels between different sports, the film demonstrates that focus, determination and drive are not traits specific to any one sport. They have given Georgia the ability to transcend athletic boundaries. They have given her the power to fight for her dreams, her team, and her country.

Two Wheel Gear is proud to support Georgia Simmerling this 2016 season. A portion of every bag sold helps support Georgia's efforts in her team's quest for gold in the 2016 season.


Services: Story development, research, location scouting, shot lists, equipment, video production, video editing, delivery, release strategy / support

Alongside the full film, four short video teasers were created to generate excitement on social media. From the technical perspective the images were captured on a hi-quality production camera that produces 4K RAW footage and a drone for all of the aerial images. The hi-resolution footage also provided us with hi-quality screenshots to share on social media in conjunction with the teasers. We also used behind the scenes images to show the viewer a bigger picture and generate more excitement.

All of the velodrome images were captured mimicking a studio environment with a full lighting setup. I am also in the process of emailing any blogs that are relevant to this films target market, sports blogs, the cycling community and more. Much of the success of this project is due to the outstanding work from the talented Kurtis So. Check out his work at and his original music on Soundcloud.


Film Teasers


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