Meet ultra runner Cody Callon. If you ran in to him in the backcountry you might mistake him as an animal that belongs in the wild. Cody talks about a state of mind that is only achieved when running long distances on the trail. Perhaps this is the same state of mind that hunters would rely on when endurance hunting for survival thousands of years ago. The flow of movement and mind-body connection experienced in ultra running can’t be replicated by any other sport. Even track and urban running can’t access this meditative state. The constant distractions and signals take us away from the act of running itself where car traffic and stop lights compete for attention. When Cody runs he removes himself from the noise and constant performance reminders. He stands engulfed in vegetation, the span of Vancouver’s backyard before him, and focusses his mind on the one activity he set out to do, run.

This is Cody’s story.


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