Sugoi is a major player in the high performance apparel industry. Athletes across the globe sport their product, but few markets top the vibrancy and growth of the cycling community in Sugoi’s own backyard. We sought to engage the local market in a new and powerful way by telling a story close to the heart and pride of Vancouverites. This is The Home Team.



Seeing opportunity in the growing Vancouver cycling community, Sugoi wanted to further establish themselves as the premier choice for high performance apparel in the local market. Their overall objective was to “take back Vancouver” by engaging consumers, increasing brand awareness, and, in effect, boosting sales. 


THE approach

Sugoi is a sponsor for Trek Red Truck Racing (TRT), one of the most highly regarded cycling teams in Canada. TRT has been a source of pride for cycling-enthusiasts and Vancouver residents alike. We believed the best way to engage the local market was to tell their story.

The video focused on three central themes of the TRT team: its legacy, the tenacity of its athletes and its community-focus. These themes are also synonymous with Sugoi; in particular, its long history in Vancouver, the durability of its product and its participation in the community. Footage of TRT athletes wearing Sugoi apparel worked to increase brand exposure. This also further highlighted the relationship between Sugoi and TRT and the parallels between the two entities. 

The video was strategically released during Superweek when Vancouver was eating and breathing all things cycling. Teasers were also released to build interest and momentum.

Music composed by the magic man Kurtis So.

Simply put this was a story that needed to be told. We sponsored this team because we fell in love with their purpose; building character on and off the bike. Johnson Studios nailed the emotion and tone this feature required.
— Dennis Kim, Global Marketing Director, Cannondale (formerly GM of Sugoi)

Services Provided


Story Development
Shot Lists
Location Scouting
Production Research
Gear Sourcing

Video Production
Audio Production
Drone Operation
Stabilizer Operation

Video Editing
Music Composition
Sound Design & Mix
Title Animation
Colour Correction
Release Strategy


Social Teasers


Film Screens & Photography