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A major component of the U Sports Canada brand is to communicate the incredible potential of Canadian student athletes. For many, university sports is the final step in preparation for a career in professional athletics. In order to evoke similar feelings of anticipation and preparation, we captured footage of athletes warming-up and energizing before a big game.

In total we collaborated with Hulse & Durrell on 16 edits, including a 6-minute Behind the Brand video, as well as several short social versions. The shot-lists we created in the pre-production process proved to be integral to capturing useable footage in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. We applied animation skills in the Behind the Brand.



Crew Size

13 people

Film Length

67 minutes

Additional Films


Introducing U Sports

Profile - Rayshaun Franklin

Why University Sport Matters


Film Screens


Services: Location scouting, shot lists, equipment, production research, video production, stabilizer operation, video editing, graphic animation, colour correction