U Sports Canada is the bold new brand for CIS-SIC - the governing body overseeing Canada’s national university sports. The redesign was created by Brand Architects, Hulse & Durrell, who sought to develop a brand that effectively overarched all of the universities governed by CIS-SIC and conveyed the same message to every member of our multilingual country. As part of their brand launch strategy, Hulse & Durrell commissioned us to create video content. Our goal for the project was threefold: (1) communicate the thinking undergirding the final design, (2) encourage acceptance of it, and (3) promote its successful integration into the national university sports community. Johnson Studios travelled throughout Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to research, plan, interview and film some of Canada’s most prominent university athletes. We also supported and collaborated closely with Hulse & Durrell throughout the entire post-production process.


Services: Location scouting, shot lists, equipment, production research, video production, stabilizer operation, video editing, graphic animation, colour correction

A major component of the U Sports Canada brand is to communicate the incredible potential of Canadian student athletes. For many, university sports is the final step in preparation for a career in professional athletics. In order to evoke similar feelings of anticipation and preparation, we captured footage of athletes warming-up and energizing before a big game. We used a Ronin stabilizer to create a sense of steadiness, and we captured slow-motion footage to build tension.

In total we collaborated with Hulse & Durrell on 16 edits, including a 6-minute Behind the Brand video, as well as several short social versions. The shot-lists we created in the pre-production process proved to be integral to capturing useable footage in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. We applied animation skills in the Behind the Brand video to communicate how U Sport Canada was built upon the long lineage of brands that came before it. 


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