U Sports Canada

A brand to unite Canadian universities

Services: Location scouting, shot lists, equipment, production research, video production, stabilizer operation, video editing, graphic animation, colour correction

U Sports Canada is the bold new brand for CIS-SIC - the governing body overseeing Canada’s national university sports. The redesign was created by Brand Architects, Hulse & Durrell, who sought to develop a brand that effectively overarched all of the universities governed by CIS-SIC and conveyed the same message to every member of our multilingual country.

As part of their brand launch strategy, Hulse & Durrell commissioned us to create video content. Our goal for the project was threefold: (1) communicate the thinking undergirding the final design, (2) encourage acceptance of it, and (3) promote its successful integration into the national university sports community.

Running Wild

The most natural sport there is

Services: Story development, interview direction, location scouting, shot lists, production research, video production, drone operation, video editing, color correction, delivery, release strategy

Meet ultra runner Cody Callon. If you ran in to him in the backcountry you might mistake him as an animal that belongs in the wild. Cody talks about a state of mind that is achieved when running long distances on the trail. Perhaps this is the same state of mind that hunters would rely on when endurance hunting for survival thousands of years ago. It harnesses a connection between the mind and body that is difficult to replicate in any other sport.

Even track and urban runners find it difficult to access the meditative state achieved in ultra running because the constant distractions and signals take us away from the act of running itself. When Cody runs he removes himself from the noise and incessant performance reminders. He stands engulfed in vegetation with the span of Vancouver’s backyard before him. He focuses his mind on the one activity he set out to do - run.

Go Georgia Go!

A skier born again on a track bike

Services: Story development, research, location scouting, shot lists, equipment, video production, video editing, delivery, release strategy / support

After a season-ending injury in 2015, two-time olympian Georgia Simmerling traded her skis for a bike. A new player on the track cycling scene, Georgia applied the hard work and dedication she refined throughout her previous training and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. She is now set to make history by being the first Canadian athlete to compete in three different sports in three different Olympic games.

Georgia’s story speaks of resiliency in the face of adversity, and Reid Hemsing, President of Two Wheel Gear, knew it had the power to inspire a nation. As Two Wheel Gear signed on as a proud supporter of Georgia’s 2016 season, we were approached to ensure her story reached the masses.

How It's Made

A process film that spans continents

Services: Story development, research, location scouting, storyboarding, shot lists, equipment, video production, video editing, video teaser creation, delivery, release support

This is our second collaboration with Cavalier - a local, Vancouver-based jewelry shoppe featuring hand-crafted custom engagement rings and ethically-sourced gemstones. So, when Cavalier approached us to create a film that communicated who they are and what they do we were excited by yet another opportunity to share their story. Cavalier sets themselves apart from other retailers by being fully involved in every aspect of the production process:

from building personal relationships across the world to find the best product, to working alongside clients to determine a design that suits their specific style. This is so integral to the Cavalier brand, and we believed this was most effectively demonstrated by journeying the film’s viewers through every step involved in the making of a customized, hand-crafted engagement ring. 

Cima Coppi

 The distances wool will take you

Services: Concept, research, equipment, video production, photography, video editing, photography editing, colour correction, sound editing, delivery, release strategy

How far can wool take you? This was the question Cima Coppi, Galen Lofstedt and I debated when laying down the story for this film. Over a few Spanish pinchos and Mahou lagers, Lawrence, one founding member of Cima Coppi, recounted his early days riding his single speed bike from Sweden to Spain wearing a single wool sweater. He also described taking that same sweater on adventures in Italy where he rode each stage of the Giro at the crack of dawn before the professionals hit the road for the day.

Indirectly, these experiences served as product tests that would lay the foundation upon which Cima Coppi would build its business. This inspired Galen and I to create a film that pays homage to these stories and the garments so integral to them. By touring you through the Spanish landscape, we hope that this video stirs in you a passion for exploration and a greater appreciation for the garment that can make it happen.

First Lookout

What's your favourite ride?

Services: Story development, research, equipment, video production, video editing, colour correction, delivery, release strategy / support

Vancouver is the city you dream of. Nestled in-between mountains, oceans and hi-rises. Some of its residents choose to use their bicycle to explore this great city and you’d be amazed at the places you can see and how far you can go. We sat down with Thomas Eleizegui, owner of Musette Caffè, and asked him “What’s your favourite ride”? He rattled off several local rides but we narrowed in on one, Cypress Mountain. 

A 10.5km, 6% grade climb, Cypress is locally known as one of the three peaks of the prestigious “Triple Crown” club. Membership requires a rider to climb all three peaks, Cypress, Grouse and Seymour in one ride. 1812m elevation and 27.2 kilometres total climbing distance. To add to the stakes a few brave souls attempt the ride in December when descents get dicey. This film captures an integral moment of the climb, First Lookout. A beautiful opening at the first switchback giving the rider a view of the city below.