Our projects are big and gnarly. When it comes time to tell the story of a brand, Johnson Studios comes in swinging. All-in enthusiasm with an incredible eye. We quite simply love working with them.
— Ben Hulse, Partner at Hulse & Durrell

Johnson Studios is a small, multidisciplinary team of people who love what they do.


Good things come in small packages.

Our size is what keeps us nimble. Take, for instance, the difference between parallel parking a FIAT and a double decker bus. The logistics for the FIAT are just simpler. We find this to be true for us as well - both internally and externally. The mobility and flexibility of our small but competent team has proven essential to our ability to meet a wide variety of client needs.

We are Renaissance People.

Taking our cues from Leo - the original Renaissance Man - we believe that the “noblest of pleasures is the joy of understanding”. We are curious people who desire to learn. These traits have inspired in us a pursuit for continual growth and development. For this reason we can say, Johnson Studios is a team of filmmakers, photographers, editors, designers, writers, artists, marketers and scientists. The range of skills, interests and passions we apply to every project has been key to pushing the creative limits of our work. 

What’s love got to do with it?

At the risk of sounding sentimental, we believe our passion is the key to our success. This is what drives our distaste for mediocrity. It’s the reason we hike mountains at 3:30 am and why our office looks like a post-it note factory just exploded all over our walls.

The love we foster for the stories we tell is a product of the deep sense of empathy we develop for each audience. As a result, we believe it’s crucial to maintain the integrity of a story to ensure it inspires, empowers and motivates an audience as much as it has us.