Ben from Johnson Studios had the “brilliant” idea of bikepacking and filming a solo adventure in the Andes of Peru. He had zero bikepacking experience. He figured his biking and backpacking knowledge would simply become one making the journey a breeze! How hard could it be?? This short film is an attempt at an honest documentation of the victories and struggles of a solo first time bikepack through a hi-altitude far off world.



Doing something for the first time is a unique opportunity. Add an over confident, slightly oblivious, human in a country far from home that doesn’t speak the language and you have a unique story. Johnson Studios is in the business of stories, so of course, we had to capture this experience to the best of our ability, even in the moments where the last thing you want to do is film, when you are struggling to simply turn the pedals or can’t stop shivering in your tent.


THE approach

Problem number one. How does one acquire all the knowledge and bike gear to accomplish this goal when you have zero experience of the activity? We reached out to seasoned bike man Morgan Taylor (aka. @foundinthemountains) and to our amazement he listened to our foolish idea and decided to help us. THANK YOU Morgan and Stephanie! They graciously gave us a quick bike packing 101 and supported us in many many ways. 

Problem number two. This is a completely solo self-supported adventure. How will we film the subject? Enter a below average handy man and a curious mind. We created a glorified selfie rig that attaches to your front rack where you could mount a small mirrorless camera. It may not look pretty but it allowed us to get, often challenging when solo, key visuals of the rider.

Also, at the centre of our approach was to set aside the sometimes unnecessarily obsessive production methods of the perfect gear and attempt to capture important moments as they happened. Tools like the iPhone and the selfie rig played a big role in this. 

Music for the trailer, and the full film, composed by the magic man Kurtis So.


Services Provided


Story Development
Script Writing
Shot Lists
Location Scouting
Production Research

Video Production
Audio Production
Drone Operation

Video Editing
Music Composition
Sound Design & Mix
Titles & Animation
Colour Correction
Release Strategy & PR
Social Media Assets
Festival Submission
Cover Art