Danner is a boot design and manufacturing company based out of Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1932, the company is built on a long history of deep-rooted tradition and excellence. The Pronghorn Boot has been part of the Danner product line for almost 20 years. The latest version is the boot’s fifth generation; it comes into production boasting new features. We had the privilege of telling its story. 



We set out to craft a powerful story that spoke to the innovative technology and performance features of the Pronghorn’s latest generation; and, at the same time, we also sought to honour its long history. In effect, we weaved a story that resonated with both new and existing customers alike.


THE approach

In order to showcase the innovative features of Pronghorn’s latest generation, we knew we too would need to push the limits of our work.  We believed the best way to communicate the features of the boot was to capture the boot in-action. By placing the boot in a wide range of relevant contexts, we could best showcase its capabilities. To highlight the GORE-TEX lining, we fully submerged the boot in water. In the same way, we demonstrated the stability of the TERRA FORCE platform by capturing it traversing across a steep incline. We also demonstrated the flexibility of the VIBRAM sole by capturing it from a worm’s eye view.


These unique challenges allowed us to flex our design thinking muscles. A lot of the heavy-lifting in this project was done in the pre-production part of the process as we brainstormed the best way to capture the footage from unique angles, as well as within interesting environments. We built mechanisms that would allow us to capture the boot from underneath, and we utilized unconventional means to capture the boot underwater.

We storyboarded as much as possible to help communicate our ideas to the team in advance of our shoot days.

Music for this video was composed by the magic man Kurtis So.


Services Provided


Story Development
Shot Lists
Location Scouting
Production Research

Video Production
RED Camera Operation
Audio Production
Drone Operation
Stabilizer Operation

Video Editing
Music Composition
Sound Design & Mix
Titles & Animation
Colour Correction
Social Media Assets