Film Reel

Music by the one and only Kurtis So.

Danner x Filson Present: Will to Live - The Gary Edinger Story

On a fateful February day in 2007, in the remote Northern Wisconsin woods, a solo independent logger named Gary Edinger severed his left leg off while felling a tree. Twenty miles from help and in forty below temperatures, Gary summoned the remarkable willpower to crawl to his pickup, and attempted to drive to safety.

Danner Pronghorn

Danner is a boot design and manufacturing company based out of Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1932, the company is built on a long history of deep-rooted tradition and excellence. The Pronghorn Boot has been part of the Danner product line for almost 20 years. The latest version is the boot’s fifth generation; it comes into production boasting new features. We had the privilege of telling its story.

Admissions of an Amateur Bikepacker

Ben from Johnson Studios had the “brilliant” idea of bikepacking and filming a solo adventure in the Andes of Peru. He had zero bikepacking experience. He figured his biking and backpacking knowledge would simply become one making the journey a breeze! How hard could it be?? This short film is an attempt at an honest documentation of the victories and struggles of a solo first time bikepack through a hi-altitude far off world.

Design Canada

The brainchild of director, Greg Durrell (Hulse & Durrell), Design Canada is a documentary film that “celebrates the golden era of Canadian graphic design”. It was an honour for Johnson Studios to participate in bringing this often under-discussed piece of Canadian history to the masses.