Film Reel

Music by the one and only Kurtis So.

The Home Team

Sugoi is a major player in the high performance apparel industry. Athletes across the globe sport their product, but few markets top the vibrancy and growth of the cycling community in Sugoi’s own backyard. We sought to engage the local market in a new and powerful way by telling a story close to the heart and pride of Vancouverites. This is The Home Team.

Design Canada

The brainchild of director, Greg Durrell (Hulse & Durrell), Design Canada is a documentary film that “celebrates the golden era of Canadian graphic design”. It was an honour for Johnson Studios to participate in bringing this often under-discussed piece of Canadian history to the masses.

Eat Well. Play Well.

Grown in ideal conditions, Chile produces some of the most flavourful, nutrient-rich avocados in the world. We partnered with if Communications and the Chilean Avocado Importers Association (CAIA) to create a film that highlighted the health benefits and taste appeal of this versatile, superfood.

U Sports Canada

CIS-SIC was the previous name of the governing body of university sports in Canada. We were commissioned by brand architects, Hulse & Durrell, to create a series of films that captured and communicated the life, look and energy of their bold new brand, U Sports Canada.

How It’s Made

Cavalier is a Vancouver-based jewelry shoppe, specializing in hand-crafted, custom engagement rings and ethically-sourced gemstones. From hand-selected diamonds to 3D models, Cavalier prides themselves on the unparalleled quality, integrity and ingenuity of their work. We created a film that communicated their ethos to the world.

Running Wild

Meet ultra runner Cody Callon. If you saw him in the backcountry you might mistake him for a wild animal. He is lean, fast and focused. Cody talks about a state of mind he achieves only when running long distances on the trail. Perhaps this is the same state of mind our ancestors would rely on when hunting for survival thousands of years ago. When Cody runs he removes himself from any noise and expectation. He stands engulfed in vegetation; the span of Vancouver’s backyard before him. He came for one thing, and one thing only. He came to run.